DoinB Plays Mid Renekton – RNG VS FPX Game 1 Highlights – 2019 LPL Summer W4


  • yusuf gündüz より:

    at 1:19 the emote crisp did is not prohibited ? I feel like they cannot do that in professional area, btw it was funny lol

  • Go Kill Yourself より:

    Man these China players are really trash! I feel like I’m watching iron 4 gameplay in NA

  • Yuan Ukegawa より:

    The play by play caster is going crazy XD

  • Eclaire Lestia より:

    Stop picking sylas. Fcking pro player

  • Phant0mNights より:

    FIRST! What a game. If an lpl team doesn’t win worlds this year I am going to be so disappointed.


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