1 PROVEN Trick to Make Renekton BROKEN in Every Rank – Pro Top Lane Tips | League of Legends Guide


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    In this guide, Panther covers his signature champ, Renekton, and how to climb through every rank with this monstrous toplaner!
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    Iron – 0:55
    Bronze – 2:34
    Silver/Gold – 3:50
    Platinum – 5:20
    Diamond – 7:40
    Masters – 10:40
    Challenger – 12:54

  • Rebillion UF より:

    I play renekton with 63%wr… He get to mutch attention in my oppinion. And after w buff he is pick or ban. That sucks. Last Champ this happens to me was with Riven… Come on

  • compangit より:

    4:14 is that the real Ryan Choi?

  • sobreaver より:

    Wicked insights ! Always hated the champ and never really played him but now you make me wanna give him another try ! Thank you for the video.

  • Simos Simeonidis より:

    Can you do a video for fiora plzzz?


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