FAKER is so GOOD with MORGANA MID! – SKT T1 Faker Plays Morgana vs Sylas Mid! | S9 KR SoloQ


  • naouar dorothee より:

    faker toujours protégé par ses mates, aucun déwardage ou warding, bof!! sans ses potes, là, il serait mort 10 fois! autrement, je reconnais que c’est un excellent joueur, mais pas dans cette game!

  • Athyna Crochet より:

    22:33 he died with his chronometer up… Didn’t roam bot, TP top useless… Fiora carried this game and he just was there being carried. It’s ok I guess but this vid it’s a clickbait

  • Kağan Göksenin Ozmen より:

    08:40 Morgana Q ??

  • Ms d0s より:

    I think it’s quite the opposite of good considering what we expect from him.

  • Lisandro Guerra より:

    5:05 What?


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