AUTOFILLED IN MASTER MMR? LEONA! – Climb to Master S9 | League of Legends


  • Erick Houses より:

    You upload such a boring gameplay with leona. Didn’t learn anything. Not even entertaining. Lack of vision. Only one good early play… Got carried, and Karthus was more interesting in playing for his perfect magic attacks. Glad they surrender.

  • TheShadow より:

    I feel that, I’m P4 in provisional games and my account is in Diamond 1/2 mmr cause of last season…. :((

  • BrianTheGamer より:

    Random comment for algorithm

  • LargeHamsterCollider より:

    Good game, as always.
    I am wondering however why would you max Q second? It increases base damage and mana cost while each level of E reduces its cooldown by 1 second not to mention its base damage is higher then Q’s. Not that I’m an expert, but I always go Zenith Blade second and wonder if there is some higher level strat behind Q maxing?

  • Malte 1 より:

    18:50 lol


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