5 Things Every Lux Player Needs to Know!! League of Legends Lux Guide


  • sona league より:

    where’s that asian music coming from? i don’t have my music app on xd #weeb

  • LashasStuff より:

    I was waiting so hard for that dummy to dieeee

  • RC Sparky より:

    Q – EE-R=shut down

  • Your Average Gamer tacoho より:

    I’m a mastery 7 lux , trying to climb out of bronze if you could maybe get together and 1v1 to give me tips thatd be awesome my username is Kingtacoho I regularly stream on twitch omfyourdead maybe you can check some game play out thanks!

  • Bonnnez Bonnnez より:

    I am level 3 with Lux,i knew some things for her,but i learned few things from your video,especially the mind games,thanks buddy.Keep doing helpful videos.


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