Where IS Jinx In PRO PLAY? (League Of Legends) Let’s Talk Jinx #147


  • ggGetJinxed より:

    Have a fantastic Wednesday everyone.

  • HextecNeko より:

    A bit of a unknown animation cancel on jinx is if your auto projectile on rockets leaves the model you can recast q to switch to minigun and instantly auto both autos go through as long as you are in range fishbones animation must still be playing for this to work

  • DAT_Crunch より:

    I love the play with switching from minigun to rocket launcher and repeat. Sniping someone with her R is satisfying and blowing with her passive up in fight is awesome.

    But she needs a small rework don’t @ me. Her W is a fine ability but not for an adc. Its a nice last hitting tool in lane. Chasing someone can be good but isn’t part of the adc’s design. Her E was always bad. Its just for follow up CC so no self peel. Will always be my opinion no matter how high her Win/playrate is.

  • Eldritch0Golem より:

    Buried under assassin’s and reliable engage brusiers/tanks.
    She can’t really exist in an place were Alistar can land his combo on CD when a pro jungler will bury her to a place where buying her second item it’s just a dream


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