YORICK Vs A TOUGH MATCHUP! – Climb to Master S9 | League of Legends


  • Wulph G より:

    Huzzy…Question! You keep mentioning how the skill of League has gone down this season. Is reaching Master really mean as much….as, iirc, low Masters, this season, is still equivalent to high D1. So…to truly know you have reached Master, wouldn’t you need to get to, maybe mid Masters?? (Idk how lp works in Master…if there is still a 100LP til you gain a tier, or if it is just cumulative.) If just an ever-increasing LP gain, then, mayhaps…100 or 250 LP…to truly call yourself a MAster’s player? [Basically, the question is, since the bar of Ranked LoL, overall, seems to have been lowered, doesn’t that mean you have to climb higher within a tier, to reach the equivalent of said tier in, say, Season 3?]

  • Maurice Shorter より:

    “Also, every time someone says New Orleans with the long ee another pothole appears.” -something I heard last time I went home

  • Maurice Shorter より:

    Weirdly enough ranked isn’t my main thing for League. When Im in the mood to play ranked (usually when they announce rewards) I play. But my main thing in League is ARAM. I like to play ranked every now and again but to enjoy League and have fun I play ARAM. It also helps that people are generally less toxic in ARAM.

  • Bogiac より:


  • Khalid Al-Ali より:

    hey huzz you should consider dodging games more often losing 3 lp is better than losing 15-22 lp and wasting alot of time for more likely a losing game> ty


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