Will This be… The END of Riven? (League of Legends)


  • Daveyx3 より:

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    ► Will This be… The END of Riven? (League of Legends)

  • Badr Fakir より:

    So what are you suggesting? They want them to nerf her? tbh I think that riven is in a great spot right now mechanically/in terms of how balanced she in. Many top champions right now are gatting huge buffs including those who hard-couner her. So bbasically Riven is just too hyped up and everyone either loves her or hates her, she reminds me so much of Lee Sin because both champions have very high mastery ceiling but are still fun and easy to pick up, which makes them picked so muchdespide them being balenced of even worse compared to other champions in the meta. I am all with changing runes but in terms of he champion itself she has been around for litterally years and she adds a certain charm o the game, and I think nerfing her would either be insignificant and won’t change a thing, or just ruin a very skill-relient champion once and for all. And both options don’t seem to be good.

  • Chester Nvl より:

    bro i would love to see an iron to master account and make it a series <3 on this channel (idk maybe riven isnt ban on lower elo)

  • Sergej Kekov より:

    Sorry to disappoint but… There not changing her because the person who made Riven refuses to let the ballance team touch her. Thats what i herd on twitter at least

  • Uriel Rangel より:

    10m for this, yikes


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