The ULTIMATE EVELYNN GUIDE: BEST Tips to CARRY – Ability Combos and Tricks | LoL Challenger Guide


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    Welcome to Panther’s ULTIMATE crash course to Evelynn, his number 1 champion pick for stomping solo queue games in the current meta!
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  • CJ LaFleur より:

    I almost never see Eve players max W second, and very often see people go for lich bane after echoes. Also see most Eve players get Sorcs. I feel like the pen is pretty important for her.

  • がもろう より:

    Kingstix would have made this guide in a better way… It’s not reavenous hunter, you take the mobility thing, you don’t need sustain as evelynn, you want to burst someone and get out, your build is nonsense, evelynn doesn’t need mobility boots and makes her ganks be countered by any skillshot landing on her when she gets visible before landing her spike, Mr Pen boots are the best ones because she can burst better and deal damage on tanks, the second item after echoes isn’t rabadon, it would be too expensive to achieve and not rewarding enough, the second good item is either lich bane or protobelt, if you go protobelt you will buy lich bane as 3rd item, and if you go lich bane, you better go protobelt after, those items helps you with your whole kit of abilities, when you miss your Q on charm you can proc it with protobelt, also using protobelt to help with her ultimate. Lich bane helps her with her E, so it’s good to have it early. And darkseal is good to have even before finishing echoes, and then turning it into mejai after the lich bane and the protobelt, and only then you can go for morellonomicon or rabadon’s for 4th and 5th item, you can switch the order based on the games but in general you want morello first, and as last item is completely situational, it can be a banshee’s (If heavy dangerous CC on the enemy team), a void staff(If lot of raw mr is built on the enemy team), a liandry’s(If there’s a troubling tank on the enemy team).

  • StoneDeceiver より:

    The runes you say and the runes shown are different, do you recommend the ones you say or the ones shown on screen ?

  • Charming Fox より:

    Can you please make Master Yi guide at high elo. Please make 1 just for my bday please


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